RECENT TestimonialS



Both Banjo and I liked and trusted Rowena immediately, when she stepped in to help me out with a week’s daycare for Banjo at short notice. She is a highly competent dog handler, who obviously takes real pleasure in being around dogs. Banjo had a great time with Rowena and - thanks to her sensitive handling of his separation anxiety in five minutes after they first left my house together - he was quickly happy with her as any other member of his own family. Rowena is punctual, flexible and very practical. I will certainly call on her again.

-Clare S



Rowena is a trustworthy, kind, happy and calm dog-walker. My cocker spaniel Winnie is an extremely high-maintenance princess who likes to be centre of attention at all times. Rowena is always there with a hug and is happy for Winnie to drag her around the park.

Rowena not only knows exactly how to manage Winnie - get her on side, keep her calm and happy, but she knows the traits of the breed and knows what they will respond to. I always have complete trust that Rowena will ensure Winnie is happy, fed and most importantly tired.

-Tanya B



Rowena has looked after my cat, Jasmine, on frequent occasions. Her love of cats was evident in our initial meeting and she took time to ask me lots of questions about Jazzy so that she could understand her needs and preferences. Jazzy can be a bit nervous around new people, but she took to Rowena straight away, giving her the universal cat approval sign by booping her on the hand and face.

I always get sent daily photos and updates so I know Jazzy is happy on each visit. Rowena also looks after our plants when we are away which is another thing we don’t have to worry about!

-Natalie W



Joey and Lily love being looked after by Rowena. She quickly became one of their favorite people to spend time with. Joey is an older Terrier cross who loves his walks with Rowena especially when he gets to meet new dog friends.

Lily is a loving cat who can be quite shy but Rowena quickly developed a bond with her, and she is happy to come to her to get the cuddles and love that she enjoys so much!

-Emily C